Hoot Gibson

Robert Lee “Hoot” Gibson is known as the man who’s flown everything. He is a former American naval officer and aviator, test pilot, aeronautical engineer, and a retired NASA astronaut, as well as a professional pilot who currently races regularly at the annual Reno Air Races.  Hoot will be the keynote speaker for our lunch event at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.







Kristin Scroggins

Kristin Scroggin, the Managing Partner and Lead Trainer at genWHY Communication Strategies, realized she had a big problem three years into her teaching career at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Her plan of making all her Millennial students “love her” (so they would work harder in her classes) was backfiring. Instead of working harder, they thought she was more likely to “hook them up” with a good grade. It was time to find a new pedagogical (teaching) style that would work for a new generation of students. That’s when she began actively studying the Millennial Generation.

For the next eleven years, Kristin surveyed and interviewed students who came through her Communication classes. Students ranged from children of NASA rocket scientist to military “brats” who spent years living across the United States.  Data was collected on everything from future family plans, to ideal work hours, and measured across the decade. This information was collated and put into a humorous and informative presentation that has been given over 200 times since June of 2013 at conferences and companies across the country.

Topic-  The Future Workforce and Your Mission to Make it Successful




Bill Swelbar

Bill Swelbar is a Research Engineer in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s International Center for Air Transportation, where he is affiliated with the Global Airline Industry Program and Airline Industry Research Consortium. In addition to his MIT affiliation, Swelbar joined Delta Airport Consultants, Inc. in August 2017 as its Chief Industry Strategist. Swelbar has spent 35 years in the consulting world with a focus on airline labor cost restructuring, regulatory issues governing air transport, communication strategy and support, and air service development on behalf of airports and communities. In his consulting roles, Swelbar has represented airlines, airports of all sizes, investors, manufacturers, and labor groups. Swelbar has a passion for small community air service and the issues confronting this sub-sector of the industry. In response to those issues, he formed the Regional Air Service Alliance to find solutions to the structural headwinds.







Eddie Mayenschein

Eddie Mayenschein is the Assistant Administrator for the Office of Security Policy and Industry Engagement and has executive responsibility for developing effective and efficient risk-reducing security policies and plans in cooperation with the nation’s transportation stakeholders. In this capacity, he spearheads a unified effort to protect and secure the country’s intermodal transportation systems including airports, airlines, general aviation, air cargo, mass transit and passenger rail, freight rail, pipeline, highway and motor carriers and maritime. Mayenschein brings 40 years of aviation experience and a deep understanding of TSA to his role.